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How Projexel Technologies helps the manufacturing industry to increase production

We believe that cycle time is an important factor for every manufacturing industry to grow, and we need to keep an eye on all the possible solutions which can help to improve all of the important aspects of the business.

So by keeping this in mind our team at Projexel Technologies decided to contribute our knowledge and expertise to innovate for the different departments, mainly Production, Maintenance and safety of the manufacturing Industry.

That’s how we choose the following ways where our products can bring significant value to your manufacturing process, If we specifically talk about the Production department we believe there is always a scope for improvement at the individual work station’s cycle time, which is commonly affected by the efficiency of the tools and machines used for production, footsteps of the line operator, ergonomics and safety of the line operators and last but not least how flexible is your manufacturing process to adopt new changes in your process, location of stations etc.

That’s where Projexel Technologies could be your ideal partner for you to innovate in your production processes, As our motto states “Simplified Wireless Automation”, All the necessary changes you wish to implement you can do it very easily on your own. All our wireless products can be easily integrated with your PLC or Non-PLC controlled equipment.

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How our products helped the manufacturing industry

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How Projexel can help to prevent line downs

Did you miss your daily planned vs. actual production targets due to the machine or tools your team was using, got breakdown due to cable break?

When we ask this question to our clients they always have some stories to tell us that there are some stations which have high dynamics nature of work and the movement of cables are very high which causes frequent breakdown either one or more reasons like a stretch, wear and tear in cable try or due to high movement of cables etc. They have to deal with the unreliable nature of the equipment, which leads to missing the daily production target.

To prevent such kinds of machine failures we have designed our wireless products which can be easily integrated into your existing systems to replace almost all control wires which connect different sensors like proximity sensors, reed switches, limit switches, pushbuttons, LED lamps indications etc. very asily.

Our products are specifically designed by keeping in mind the critical nature of the industrial work and environment, with all required features ensuring 100% reliability.

How we help machine designers to improve machine ergonomics

Adapting wireless technology can make lots of machines easy to operate specifically while designing control pendants of a machine, for example, if an perator has to move around the machine, with a fixed control box, that can be certainly an exhausting task to do, and also could cause bad productivity of the machine and operators.

As we saw, that wireless controllers of overhead cranes provide lots of benefits than traditional wired control chain hoists i.e. better control, safe and much more efficient etc. but think how many areas or machines could be transformed for better control, safety and efficiency. That’s why we love what we do, and provide a range of suitable wireless modules in all forms i.e. wearable, Non-wearable or Handheld and Machine to machine modules, which can connect all types of sensors to the controllers (plc) with them you can improve and innovate with your designs on another level or you can upgrade the existing machines to improve the performance and ergonomics.

If you want to consult any idea how you can use our products feel free to reach out to us.

How you can ensure workplace safety by using our products

Can you imagine any industrial accident where some have to lose their body part or face any injury which is caused by wrong manual operations or the non-accessibility of an emergency stop or temporary stop?

Yes, we know there are many safety devices available for industrial automation but still, many accidents are reported by the manufacturing industries, due to which many companies had to lose their great manpower, adversely impacts morale among their employees, reduces their efficiency and most importantly damages the brand of the company.

Projexel Technologies did deep research on these industrial accidents, which are reported by global and Indian industries and talked to more than 100+ victims who had faced such incidents.

We found two unsolved root causes of modern-day Industrial accidents:

1. Non-accessibility of Emergency stop button on the victim reach
2. Miscommunication between two operators.

We believe that nothing is more important than human life. Protecting and nurturing human life should be one’s topmost goal. To counter the problem of this Industrial accident, our team at Projexel Technologies have designed products that are completely focused on solving the two root causes mentioned above.

How our products can help to improve flexible manufacturing systems

A manufacturing factory is a combination of lots of things but mainly it’s a combination of manpower and machine.

And when we need to imply any change in this manufacturing process, It takes lots of time, planning and adjustments to execute even minor changes. This is mostly an expensive trade like we need to lay lots of new cables, which require planning, manpower cost, new material cost, old structures and cables need to scrape.

This can be easily avoided by using our products, as we provide a perfect substitute of control cables all you need is ideas and then you need not worry about above-mentioned cost, time and other resources you can try as many as possible without compromising.

How our products can improve existing/new poka-yoke systems

While working with some multination automobile companies, our clients shared their pain point of breaking of cables in different poka-yoke systems, when this happened either they have to stop their line or bypass the poka-yoke system, but both of these cases are not healthy for quality production.

So when we study the use case, we found there were lots of inputs that were taken from each station to ensure the work was completed by the line operator at each cycle without missing any task to be performed, but to do so they had to connect lots of sensors with central PLC like proximity sensors, limit switches, pushbuttons, lamps to indicate the which part is going to fit in which vehicle.

And doing so, they had to connect those sensors/inputs with cable, which frequently breaks down due to the high movement, nature of the work.

So we helped them to replace those control cables which frequently breaks with our wireless products, which results in saving 240 Mins of total equipment downtime annually.

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