RFST C-Series WIRELESS Remote I/O Module (4CH)

Technical Features:

  • Setup time: less than 1 min.
  • Data transfer time: less than 10 mS.
  • Secure communication: 7 layers of protection.
  • Compatibility: 100% digital sensors.
  • Ensured cross-talk protection.
  • Foolproof addressing protection.
  • 100% stable communication (Range 100 m).
  • Bi-direction signal acknowledgement for PLC.
  • Auto packet transaction handling.

The RFST C Series I/O modules are Machine to Machine wireless communication modules, It’s features are to improve the performance of industrial SPM’s (Special Purpose Machines) and enable innovators to be more creative.

Salient Advantages:

  • Reduces production downtime.
  • Reduces complex wirings.
  • Reduces troubleshooting time.
  • Connects free-moving equipment to PLC.
  • Prevents industrial accidents.
  • Improves the ergonomics of line operators.
  • Improves workstations and machine cycle time.
  • Make flexible machines and manufacturing systems (FMS)


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