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How Projexel Technologies products prevent machine breakdowns?

As maintenance engineers, we usually have to deal with different kinds of equipment breakdowns from time to time, which impacts the production losses significantly, and one of the main reasons for these equipment breakdowns is problems with control cables.

The most frequent root cause of these problems is the wear and tear of cables in the drag chain due to friction, or it could be stretched in cables at complicated movements of machines like 360-degree rotation or multi-axis movement and many more. Our mission is to bring down these breakdowns to zero, to do so we have designed a whole machine to machine wireless communication modules, which are specifically designed for Industrial automation by keeping in mind how critical is the reliability in different special purpose machines, different numbers of Input and outputs, and in case of any problem it must be fast & easy to troubleshoot.

All the products of this series named RFST are very much compatible with different makes of sensors such as proximity, reed switches, photosensors, limit switches, pushbuttons, led lamps, etc. both PNP and NPN. So you can connect all such digital inputs and outputs with your programmable logic controllers.

This makes these products a good choice for not only your new projects but you can easily upgrade your existing special purpose machines by yourself and can prevent such predictable frequent breakdowns due to control cables permanently.

How do our products make troubleshooting/maintenance work fast?

Let’s suppose there is some shorting in the control cable, here is how we usually solve such breakdowns temporarily or permanently now:

First, we need to identify the shorting or damaged cable/wire portion, and if there is no spare wire available we have to remove the faulty cable and lay down a new cable. These tasks make troubleshooting much more time taking and often lead to production loss.

This can be easily saved by using our wireless products and making repair work less time-consuming by avoiding the two main tasks of the old method of troubleshooting, which are removing the faulty cable and laying new cable to resume the production line.

How our products make troubleshooting or repair work safe and easy

As per an international survey conducted by our team, many industrial accidents (Minor or Major) happen during troubleshooting machines in multinational companies. The Report is attached here.

And the two main root causes which we want to eliminate from all companies are the following:

1. Industrial accidents due to miscommunication between operators while operating heavy machines.

As maintenance engineers, we need to operate machines in manual mode to identify the problem or to check our work before handing over the machine to production for the autorun. During our survey we found more than 60% of industrial accidents of maintenance engineers happen during these times. 

For example, it is very common at troubleshooting that it takes more than one associate to do the work and when one person of the team is operating the machine and another one is observing the problem at the suspected faulty location and due to miscommunication there is a very high risk involves for any industrial accident to happen.

So to prevent such incidents where someone from your team could be injured or some serious damage could happen to your property, we have designed our wearable and non-wearable products, with the help of experienced maintenance engineers of different industries, which can help your team to control any machine with proper visibility of any faulty section of your machines and do their work safely.

2. Non-availability of emergency stops at the reach of victims during industrial accidents.

In our survey, we found lots of misfortunate incidents where someone had to face a major industrial accident and had to lose their limbs just because when that incident happened, they were not within the reach of the emergency stop button. To prevent such misfortunate incidents we have designed some wearable and handheld modules which could prevent accidents to these types of incidents.

How our products can make your machines efficient by reducing cycle time?

One of our customers is special purpose machine manufacturers too. When they design any new machines for their customers, they need to make those machines as efficient as possible.

To understand how we help them in doing so, let’s read a case study of one of our customers, who makes automatic welding machines for one of the top two-wheeler automobile companies.

They were facing two challenges to improve the efficiency of their machine, one was they had to reverse rotate the Jig, (which holds the part for welding) in each cycle to avoid the cable stretch problem, due to the rotating nature of the Jig. which was affecting the cycle time significantly. We offered them our RFST series wireless products to connect all the proximity sensors and reed switches mounted on the Jig. with PLC.

This innovative idea improved the overall efficiency of the machine per cycle and prevented the risk of future breakdowns due to cable breaks due to stretch.
Another problem with that machine was that only one type of part could be welded on that machine due to the fixed nature of the Jig. But after implementing our wireless products their customers were able to design different jigs to make different parts on the same machine.

There are lots of such case studies available in our journey so far. Contact our sales representative to discuss your new ideas with us which you can execute to make your machines more efficient.

How new changes in the production process can be implemented fast?

There are lots of changes requested by the production department to maintenance department on day to day bases such as location shifting of any particular workstation or controls boxes location but due to wires it takes time to execute those changes and a huge cost of new cables & cost of old scrap wires is a significant cost of the budget to the maintenance department.

Our goal is to help companies in saving this cost and time.

By using our products these changes can be implemented in very little time and one-time investment which is much less than a 10 meters multicore cable can help you to save a huge cost in your annual budget.

If you find this page helpful and you wish to talk with us Contact us and drop some basic details, we will call you back as soon as possible.

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