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We Can Help Your

Production Team

We can help you:

  • Reduce line-down time.
  • Improve the ergonomics of line operators.
  • Improve cycle time.
  • Make the existing manufacturing
    system more flexible.

Maintenance Team

We can help you:

  • Prevent control cable breakdowns.
  • Reduce Troubleshooting time.
  •  Improve safety at Existing SPMs.
  • Eliminating unnecessary movements of
    machines to reduce cycle time.

Safety Team

We can help you prevent Industrial accidents caused by :

  • Miscommunication between operators.
  • And Non-availability of Emergency stops
    at the reach of victims during Industrial

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Frequently Asked Questions

To prevent such situations we have programmed these modules with multiple errors. This will prevent such conditions completely, each Tx module will scan its surroundings before sending any signal to find if there is any other device available in the network, which could be impacted by the new address or channel that we are about to use.

100 meters on the factory floor with a line of sight and in an open area it could go up to 300 meters between one Tx and Rx modules, however by using our repeaters you can have signals wirelessly from the distance as much as you like.

No, We have established multiple Hardware and Software protocols, as well as secure Radio communication protocols, to protect against cross-talk between Projexel Wireless Modules. All inputs and outputs are physically isolated from radio signals and other electronic signals such as static charges, surge charges, and so on.

No, all the wireless modules can be easily configured using dip switches available on the modules themselves and the display will indicate any error in the network otherwise it will show the module’s communication status.

No, each Transmitter module performs an auto acknowledgement function to prevent such situations from happening. To do so Transmitter adds incremental numbers along with the payload so that the receiver will know if there is any data lost during wireless communication and request for the missing one again (15 times) in case there is any missing data packet. If the data packet if still missing after 15 retries Rx will create and error and send the alert signal to PLC via HS Signal break.

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"We used Projexel RFST C-Series modules in our multiple SPM designs and our customers love the improved ergonomics of their machines."​
"By using RFST Modules to provide custom control pendant for our Transporter (For Electroplating) we are able to improve the safety of the line operators of our machines ."​
"My clients are loving Projexel Wireless modules because these are helping our clients in cost reduction and resources optimization at their factories ."​

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