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Cycle time is one of the variable which needs to be optimised to improve efficiency, cost base and customer responsiveness. 

Projexel’s endeavour is in pursuit of new business areas and also to further strengthen the operational efficiency and process competencies.


We have been focused on providing solutions to help to our customers increase production, reduce downtime and lower the operating and maintenance costs.

Our solutions are focused on Connectivity, Optimization, Modernization, and Migration challenges in variety of industries.


We help in identification and implementation of wireless solutions for improvement in process and occupational safety.

(Such as accidents due to non-accessibility of emergency stop button or miscommunication between operators while performing manual machine operations)

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We are dealing with all manufacturing industries including automobile, chemical or different types of production factories, steel and petroleum.

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"I enjoy working with Projexel Technologies because their products are user friendly and can be used in multiple Automation Applications ."
"I'm a big fan of Projexel Technologies because it makes it so much easier for me to provide wireless control in our automation projects."
"My Clients are loving Projexel's wearable devices because they are helping them in cost reduction and resources optimization at their factories."

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