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How our products can prevent industrial accidents

As per an international survey conducted by our team, many industrial accidents (Minor or Major) happen during troubleshooting or handling heavy machines in multinational companies.

Projexel Technologies did deep research on these industrial accidents, which are reported by global and Indian industries and talked to more than 100+ victims who had faced such incidents.

In conclusion, we found that yes, there are many safety devices available for industrial automation but still, lots of accidents are reported by the manufacturing industries.

Due to which many companies had to lose their great manpower, these incidents adversely impact morale among their employees, reduce their efficiency and most importantly damages the company brand.

And our report says that the two main root causes, which are still causing almost half of the industrial accidents are following, Which we decided to eliminate from all companies:

Industrial accidents due to miscommunication between operators while operating heavy machinery.

As a production line maintenance engineer, It is the part of their daily work where they need to operate machines in manual mode to identify the problem with the machine or to check the work done before handing over the machine to production for the autorun. During our survey, we found that more than 60% of industrial accidents of maintenance engineers happen during these times.

For example, it is very common during troubleshooting, that it takes more than one associate to do the job. And while one person in the team is operating the machine and another one is observing the problem at a suspected faulty location, there is a very high risk involved for any industrial accident to happen. Which is highly possible due to miscommunication or Human error.

So to prevent such incidents where someone from your team could be injured or some serious damage could happen to your property, we have designed our wearable and non-wearable products, with the help of experienced maintenance engineers of different industries, which can help your team to control any machine with proper visibility of any faulty section of your machines and do their work safely.

Non-availability of emergency stops at the reach of victims during industrial accidents.

In our survey, we found lots of misfortunate incidents where someone had to face a major industrial accident and had to lose their limbs just because when that incident happened, they were not within the reach of the emergency stop button. To prevent such misfortunate incidents we have designed some wearable and handheld modules which could prevent accidents to these types ofincidents.

We believe that nothing is more important than human life. Protecting and nurturing human life should be one’s topmost goal. To counter the problem of this Industrial accident, our team at Projexel Technologies have designed products that are completely focused on solving the two root causes mentioned above.

Adapting wireless technology can make lots of machines easy to operate specifically while designing control pendants of any machine, for example, if an operator has to move around the machine with a fixed control box, that is can be certainly an exhausting task to do, and also could cause bad productivity of the machine or operators.

As we saw, wireless controllers of overhead cranes provide lots of benefits than traditional wired control chain hoists i.e. better control, safety and much more efficiency etc. but think how many areas or machines could be transformed for better control, safety and efficiency. That’s why we love what we do, and provide all range of suitable wireless modules in all forms i.e. wearable, Non-wearable or Handheld and Machine to machine modules, which can connect all types of sensors to the controllers (plc) with tnem you can improve ana innovate witn your aesigns on anotner levei or you can upgraae tne existing macnines to improve tne performance and ergonomics. If you want to consult any ideas on how you can use our products feel free to reach out to us.

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