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3 Ways How Industrial Automation Will Grow your Business

Gone are the days of employer employees conflict over the matters relating to work hours, wages and benefits, workload, etc. These are the days of Industrial Automation. The norm of Industrial Automation was initially introduced to increase productivity and reducethe costs associated with human operators. These costs include wages, salaries, bonuses, etc.

Industrial Automation emphasizes the use of control systems, for example, robots, computers, information technologies, etc., to handle various processes and machines in an organization or industry. The objective of Industrial Automation is to reduce human effort as much as possible.

People can take it in a negative fashion, it brings in a whole set of advantages to industries and humans.

Here are some of the benefits that Industrial Automation brings to your organization:

Productivity: As mentioned above, Industrial Automation’s basic objective is to increase the level of productivity. It is quite simple to understand that when the work is done automatically by using robots or computers, it can be made to work for long hours, and with accuracy. The possibility of any mistake is drastically reduced.

Great Consistency: When the automated system takes over your organization’s work, your work gets reduced. You can focus on more meaningful tasks. Moreover, as an employer, you have reduced the burden to compromise with the work just because your employee is on leave.

Safety : It is always safer to use robots in a working environment, proving to be dangerous for humans. Usually, in a factory environment where the chances of hazards are higher, you should look for Automation.

There are many more benefits apart from the ones listed above. These include higher flexibility, reduced labour costs, reduced conflicts, etc. The benefits are immense and long term.

According to a report, the Indian Industrial Automation market size was valued at USD 5 Billion in 2018. It is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% by 2023. India ranks third worldwide in implementing Robotic Automation.

At an organizational level, you invest a lot of time and money to get your human resources. Considerable efforts are made to train and orient them. You want them to work for you for an extended period. However, a little conflict can cause some unfavourable and unwanted consequences. Your employee may leave. The investments made will be lost. This is not the scenario while working with robots. In fact, the advantages of working with robots are:

You can never have a conflict with a robot.

In the absence of conflict, you can maintain a peaceful environment.

In the absence of conflict, you can maintain a peaceful environment.

Robots function exactly according to you.

Robots never ask for a leave.

The list goes on.

It is to be understood that Industrial Automation is not working against humans. It is merely making the work of humans more comfortable and smoother. Sometimes handling automated tools can be easier than managing people. The human efforts are massively reduced, and the parameters of productivity and quality soar high. Although the investment required in Automation is quite high, it is worth it. The return on investment is manifold. If you haven’t already installed Automation, try it. It will not disappoint you!

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