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How to put an end to Industrial accidents?

Have you ever seen an Industrial accident, Or meet someone who has lost his body part in factories?

I’m sure we all have seen such incidents or a person whom we know, and some of us may have experienced this too.

Two years back when my best friend was working on the machine, unfortunately, his elbow got stuck into two moving parts of the machine, he got panicked and wanted to stop that machine, but he could not stop that machine because the emergency stop button was about 2 meters away from him .. and his elbow was still stuck into the machine.

Luckily someone near him noticed that immediately, and hit the emergency stop button for him and his arm got saved. That was a horrible experience for him.

That day we decided to do something about it and we started analyzing the problem of this Industrial accident.

After some research we found, almost all Industries have five minor accidents each month, or one major accident, where someone has to lose his body part or might be dead.

We know there are many safety devices for industrial automation but still, these accidents happen, many companies have to loses their great manpower.

After going through the different past incident reports, and talking to people who have experienced such incidents.

We found two root causes, like why did that happen.

One was Non-accessibility of Emergency stop button on the victims reach.

And the second one was a miscommunication between two operators.

We believe that nothing is more important than human life. Protecting and nurturing human life should be one’s topmost goal.

It is scientifically proven that “The more safe employees feel in an organization, the better they perform”. We believe employees safety should not be a feeling but a living reality.

Understand this thing that whenever some fatal industrial accident happens, it could take months of time to recover, which is a huge personal loss for anybody, but it also impacts the business as well.

The company have to bear medical bills and even in some cases have to give compensation to the family of that person in case of death. As per the latest studies companies had to lose 3 billion euro in 2018-19 due to industrial accident and ill-health problems.

Now you might be wondering, that we have already made the necessary arrangements and we do not need to worry about safety.

But hold on; think about the above-mentioned root causes.

Does your team have the access to emergency stop all the time when performing their day to day tasks?

and is there any chance of miscommunication at your workplace?

If you think we are talking something serious here you should check out this.

To counter the problem of this Industrial accident, our team at Projexel Technologies have designed two products which are completely focused on the above-mentioned two root causes,

Miscommunication and Non-availability of an emergency stop switch.

If you want to know more about how it works and what else you can do with these products, Click Here and arrange a call or schedule demo.

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